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The Full Moon in Libra occurs on March 27, 2013 at 4:27 am E.S.T. This Full Moon, in the Air sign of Libra the Scales, is considered to have energy qualities that are intellectual, innovative and inventive in this “Cardinal” sign. Many astrological signs have symbols representing qualities of their ruling planet and for Libra, Venus is the planet of beauty and love. Even though the symbol for Libra is not human or animal but the scales, the trait of Libra can be summed up in the quote “I balance”.

Traditionally Full Moon time is used for banishing and reversal work, so the next two weeks would be the time to use candle spells to bring balance in your life, especially if the ‘scales’ were tipped against you and not benefiting you. The Full Moon in Libra is also a time that you can set candles for a separation or to break and dissolve a partnership or relationship. You can boost the effectiveness of any of these candle spells by dedicating and lighting a candle to your favorite Deity to ask for additional aide and assistance.

Other planetary influences may cause pleasant surprises and social networking could bring you new contacts that have a unique and unusual way of looking at life. Exploring new interests at this time is favored.

The New New Moon will occur April 10, 2013.

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