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Using the power of the astrological signs and the planets associated with them is a good way to boost your intention for success. This is part 4 of a 12 part series about using the energy of the zodiac signs for candle spell burning success. – J.


The astrological sign of Aries the Ram occurs during March 21 to April 20 . The Planet associated with Aries is Mars, which is fourth in position from the Sun and is considered to be a “hot” energy sign. The planet Mars is consider a motivating planet as it has powerful positive and negative influences and is a force to be reckoned with and should be used with the most discretionary caution. Mars goes in like a warrior, doing exactly what it is told to do, without holding in judgment “right” and “wrong”. Is is an Action planet. Mars’ only agenda is victory as it incites bravery and courage. It is also used for candle spell of vindication. Read abut a good Vindication candle spell here:


Free-Candle-Spells | Psalm 7 Vindication Candle Spell


If it is time to launch an all out attack on your enemy, doing this spell during the Full Moon of Aries is ideal as this is a time to “wipe out” or “eliminate” them. You must be absolutely sure that you can accept what happens during this time because there is no going back once activated. Mars is like a Roman gladiator, seeking to “go in for the kill” and is very likely to leave waste in its’ wake. It is especially favorable for success if this is done on a Tuesday within one hour from sunrise , the 11th hour of the day (from sunrise) or at midnight.

If you are seeking a favorable outcome without absolute harm coming to anyone, then using a New Moon in an Air sign (Aquarius/Gemini/Libra) during late March and early April with a Mercury or Venus day such as Wednesday or Friday will keep things in a more controlled atmosphere. Mars in Aries is an excellent protector so burning candle spells for protection against the “evil eye’ during a New Moon in Aries is best for protection against enemies and also to chase out or exorcise demons attacking or possessing someone.



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