Free Candle Spells | New Moon in Pisces – Plan and Develop!

The New Moon in Pisces will occur at 2:51 pm E.S.T. on March 11, 2013. This Moon, with the “Mutable” Water sign of Pisces, the Fish, is psychic, erratic and highly emotional. This lunation is the most benevolent time for psychic development and studies of the metaphysical as the New Moon traditionally is held for new beginnings and drawing in of positive effects when casting candle spells.

The New Moon in Pisces can be a good time for rest and contemplation if you work in the metaphysical world. It is a good time to plan and develop your candle spell petition writing skills. Crating a master candle spell book for reference would be a great project to begin now. It is also an opportune time to plan and develop your intuitive and psychic skills.

Other planetary aspects going on during this New Moon can give you mixed feelings on the outcomes. There may be wonderful developments but temptations and risks are involved. It is best to do the research, take you time and don’t “fly off the handle” as Mercury, the planet of communication, is still in Retrograde station. Try your best not to let words of hate and anger be said as Hades-Mercury will square Mars, and the most negative aggression is blinding anger. Control is the key word here now.

Burning candles to attract new money, success and a new love is best done during a new Moon. Consider burning a St. Valentine Bring Me a New Love Candle and ask the Patron Saint of Lovers to bring to you a most perfect lover. Even though his Fest Day was in February, he is a Saint that will work for you all year long.

The next Full Moon occurs on March 27, 2013.


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