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The three times in the year 2013 that Mercury, the planet of Communication, will be in Retrograde motion are:

February 23rd to March 17th
June 26th to July 20th
October 21st to November 10th

If you are a student of astrology, or just have had past experiences with this transit time for Mercury, you know that things will not go as smoothly as intended or promised. Some of the communication issues might include:

* Checks being sent in the mail become “lost”

* All types of computer problems (back your computer up so it doesn’t crash and you lose data)

* Missed calls

* Problems with cell phone reception

* Being misunderstood or having your words taken “wrong”

* Having problems communicating clearly

This is clearly not the time to discuss the direction of your personal relationship with a mate as it may well be that you will hear things you did not want to hear. Wait 7 days after each transit with major discussions like this one.

It has been said that any major car or home repair done during a Mercury Retrograde will have to be “re-done”, as things might work themselves loose or the work will become faulty. It has also been said to NOT sign any major contracts that will affect your life during this time, as they will not be favorable for you later.

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