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This is the second a 12 part series of blog articles regarding working with the energy of the Moon in each of the 12 zodiac planets in order to have a deeper understanding for candle spell burning success – J.

The astrological sign of Aquarius (Jan. 20th to Feb. 18th) is ruled by the planet Uranus, but older astrologers use both Saturn and Uranus . The energy of the sign of Aquarius is of a “Fixed” Air sign, meaning that it is stable and unchangeable. The energy of Uranus, a planet sometimes associated with psychiatry and psychology, is intellectual to the point of near genius. It is also sometimes referred to as the planet of disruption, sudden changes, and revolution. There is a reason that the song, “Age of Aquarius” by the 5th Dimension was considered a sign for the Sixties because Revolution was in the air. You can watch a clip from the song by clicking here.

The changes that occur during the energy of Uranus is radical and cannot be easily reversed, as a rule, so remember that when you are working the planet or when the Sun is under the influences of Aquarius, make sure you are absolutely certain that this is what you want done, as it will be very, very hard to change back. This is not the planet to be wishy-washy in your candle spell work. Aquarius is considered the sign of caring for the Brotherhood of Man and the goodness for all in an equal way.

When doing New Moon candle work under the sign of Aquarius, it is best to try to initiate new and innovative ideas to the recipient for consideration but this energy can also be utilized to turn someones “world upside down”, if need be. Again, the warning is to make sure that you carefully consider the outcomes of any candle work, both positive or negative, during this time.

If you are using the energy of Aquarius in Full Moon candle spell work, it is best to do your “homework” first, as negative or any banishing or reversible candle work at this time can be detrimental to you, if you are part of the equation. For instance, if you want to burn a candle on a person who gave you a good talking to in an effort to see you on the road to success or to live a more positive lifestyle and you burn a revenge candle on them, be very certain that you will never, ever need this person’s influence or aid again, because you are basically “burning a bridge” with this person and do not be surprised that they write you off their friend list.


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