Free Candle Spells | Did You Know? – January 2013


* Did you know that the month of January is the first month of the Gregorian calendar but many calendars before this one would consider Spring as the time for the New Year. Old Viking calendars has two seasons – Winter and Summer. Winter was considered to be November through March with April through October being the Summer months. This would mimic the planting and birthing times for plants and animals, as most crops are picked before October and the connection with the Pagan Ostara ritual in Spring, when animals are their most friskiest, would make sense.

* In some years, depending on the Lunar Calendar, the Chinese would celebrate the New Year. Today we have recognized that many Asian cultures use the Moon as a marker for the Lunar New Year, but the Lunar New Year will occur in February in 2013.

Some notable Saints who celebrate their Feast day in January are:

Jan. 6th – Epiphany of the Lord (aka 3 King’s Day) – on this day in Latin countries, a circular cake is served and slices are given to all in attendance. Tradition holds that the guest who receives the slice of the cake with the tiny figure of baby Jesus in it is to provide the next King’s cake the following year.

Jan. 17th – St. Anthony Abad – Leaving home at an early age to live in the wilderness where he existed on pants and scrub herbs, he is associated with Osain in Lukumi.

Jan. 21st – St Agnes – Virgin Martyr – She was but 12 years old when she dedicated her life to Holiness.

Jan 31st – St. John Bosco – a modern Saint born in 1815, dedicated his life to organizing benevolent societies for first poor boys, which then branched out to needy girls as well. A friend in times of dire need.

* January’s Full Moon Moon is called the Full Wolf Moon in Native American lore. The deep snow pack in January is the territory of the hungry wolf who howled in the distance as Indian families huddled in their tents. It is also sometimes referred to as the Old Moon or the Moon after Yule. This month’s Full Moon occurs on January 26, 2013.






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