Free Candle Spells | Candle Spellwork Under the Sign of Capricorn
This begins a 12 part series of blog articles regarding working with the energy of the Moon in each of the 12 zodiac planets in order to have a deeper understanding for candle spell burning success – J.

The astrological sign of Capricorn (Dec. 22nd to Jan. 20th) is ruled by the planet Saturn. The energy of Saturn is somewhat restrictive, as it bodes caution in all matters. Sometimes Saturn ushers in obstructions in your life when you may be careening out of control. To you, it may seem that all forward movement has stopped. In reality, it is a yellow light in the traffic signal of your life path, cautioning you to slow down and think and to use patience, traditional methods and experience to achieve your goals. Capricorn is consider to have the energy of a “Cardinal” Earth sign, meaning that it is the most materialistic of all signs and is practical and energetic. Capricorn represents the father figure, and had been called the planet of Fate and Karma.

When working your candle spells when the New Moon is under the auspices of the astrological sign of Capricorn the Goat, your focus on intentions should be concerned with seeing influential people for business contacts or career goals, practical matters in business and personal life, engaging in business that concerns agriculture, mining, natural resources, real estate, and items made from earth products. Under the positive aspects of the New Moon in Capricorn, make time to organize your life and get tings under control to manage more efficiently, and re-evaluate your directions in your life and your life goals.Lighting candles for necessary material items, such as a new or newer car, and for needed money for the household.

While the Moon is Full in the sign of Capricorn, it is best to not do any of the above actions, with the exception of sitting down and plan your course in the next three months, six months and/or the year, so that when the Moon become New again, you can then plan candles for that particular phase to move towards success completion. It is not wise to burn candles as revenge on someone, especially if they did not offend you in any way, as Saturn will make sure the curse bounces off of them and lands on you! Do no initiate any cruelty or injustice, as you will then be judged severely and suffer dire consequences.

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