Free Candle Spells | New Moon in Sagittarius – Time for Progress!

The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on December 13, 2012 at 3:42 am E.S.T. The energy of the Moon in Sagittarius, a “Mutable” Fire Sign, is considered to be creative, aggressive, and to fluctuate between optimism and pessimism. With other planetary influences that are coming into play, the overall message of this Moon’s lunation is one of volatility. There are certain factors coming to light at the end of this year and into the beginning of next year which will impact many of us in 2013. Since we are coming through a ‘reality check’ regarding what we believe is happening and what truly is manifesting, do not be alarmed if people make sudden reversals in decisions you might have thought were final and “set in stone.”

This is the time to start your self-improvement plan now, not after the first of the year. It has been said that most New Year Resolutions are changed or even dropped by Spring, so utilize the fire energy of Sagittarius’ New Moon to start them NOW! Make a list, create your vision board, hang inspirational messages throughout the home or create a screen-saver with your goal on it, so that you will be constantly subconsciously reminded of your dreams so you can make them a reality.

The New Moon is traditionally the time to light candles for positive movement towards a goal – a new job, saving money, a new love interest or rekindling a love relationship, educational, and career goals. Lighting the appropriate candles, dressed with Lucky Mojo Oils, available from Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply enhances the candle burning ritual effects for positive outcomes.

This is also the time to light candles to aide in expansion and increase, so if you are a business owner, now is the time to set up a money or business altar in your home or office and light yellow  Road Opener Candles,   green Prosperity Candles, or yellow  Crown of Success Candles to increase earnings in 2013.

The next Full Moon occurs on December 28, 2012.

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