Free Candle Spells | Did You Know? – November 2012


 * The month of November begins with a Mercury Retrograde on the 6th.  Make sure you do computer backups at this time. Please consider reading the article to assist you in Mercury Retrograde that is listed in the blog.

* This is the month that many celebrate Thanksgiving, the celebration said when the Native American and the Pilgrims sat together and feasted on the harvest. I am not sure if the actual event happened in the month of November, as the New England countryside is usually cold at this time. In addition, the Harvest Moon was in September, but for the sake of not changing years of tradition, we will keep Turkey Day where it is on the calendar.

* November’s Full Moon in American Indian lore is called the Full Beaver Moon. It is said that November is the time that trappers would set their traps for beaver before the swamp lands froze, so that they could catch beaver for pelts to trade and also to keep warm during the cold winter months. Another suggestions is that this is the time that beavers are busy readying themselves for winter. In certain areas, November’s Full Moon is also known as the Frosty Moon.

* Besides All Saints Day being celebrated on November 1st and All Souls Day is on November 2nd, other notable Catholic Saints’ feast days are:

Nov. 5th – St. Martin de Porres (a favorite of mine)
Nov. 11th – St. Martin of Tours – a favorite Saints for business in the Latino community as St. Martin Caballero
Nov. 22nd – St. Cecelia – patron Saint of singers

If you have a favorite Saint that you would like to honor, their feast day is perfect to light a candle dedicated to them. If you cannot find one with their image on them, use a glass 7-day novena “vigil” candle, cleaned with Florida Water and anointed with a good Blessing Oil, for maximum effect. You can print off a photo of your Saint and glue it to the outside of the glass and surround the candle with a vase of flowers and a glass of cool water.

* Consider making a charitable contribution to a food bank or support a kitchen that feeds the poor for blessing during this Thanksgiving time. It is right and just to give thanks in good times and adverse times, and by the Grace of God or a simple twist of fate, you could be one who will be having dinner at a shelter instead of around your table with loved ones. A simple small donation will assist one or two families, so please bless others as you have been blessed.






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