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Ironic that this upcoming Mercury Retrograde occurs on November 6, 2012 – Election Day in the United States. Read about this astro-weirdness in this article, “Astrology is No Excuse” by Eric Francis Koinkidinky…or not?

Mercury Retrograde plays havoc with our lives because it will virtually put everything into a holding pattern for three weeks, three times a year. What does it mean when you say that a planet is in “retrograde”? Let’s take a quick look back into astronomical history to understand this phenomenon.

Ancient astronomers and those who wondered about the celestial beings in the night sky observed an unique trick to Mercury, who can be seen through a telescope. Each night they would see Mercury move ever-so-slightly across the evening sky. But every three months, the planet would appear to start retreating backward little-by-little for a period of about three weeks, then seem to start moving forward again. That time when the planet appears to be retreating and backing up is called a Retrograde.

When astrology branched off from astronomy and began its own study of the planets, the ancient scholars observed that certain events and occurrences happened during different planetary and Moon cycles – including Mercury, the planet of communication and ruling planet of Gemini and is exalted in Virgo.

So, here are some tips for you to handle Mercury Retrogrades:

General Ideas for Everyone:

* Back up all computer information because if a meltdown is going to happen, bets are on that it will happen during a Mercury Retrograde. If this happens, no information can be retrieved and general computer malfunctions are common during this time. * Make sure that all you bills are paid early and up to date — especially your phone and utility bills. * Limit your communication with difficult people you know. It is best to limit your interactions with them during this time as you are more likely to get into it. Keep a low profile and try not to talk anything that will get you upset. * Finish up old projects that are hanging around the house like filing papers, crafts, organizing the garage, etc.

Couple and Dating Issues:

* Try to avoid deep, probing “where are we going with this relationship” type of questions at this time.You are more likely to say things you don’t mean or they will be misconstrued. Also, it is wise to not accuse one another of something that may cause drama. Words will be misunderstood and feelings will be hurt. * If you are contemplating divorce during this time then wait. You may find that once Mercury goes direct that your feeling have changed and you may be able to work out certain issues. * Curb your tongue and do not be critical over the small stuff. It may cause a breakup.

Business Owners and Professionals:

* Pull out your yearly business forecast and look at where you are and where your goal was predicted to be at this time of the year. Devise plans to strive for gains in the next quarter. * That this time to make sure all your legal documents are in order and your insurance premiums are up to date. Analyze if you have sufficient insurance or do you need to adjust it. Make sure all taxes are currently paid. File invoices and organize filing system. * If you have a physical store now is a great time for deep cleaning and shifting display cases and counter, if possible.

Spiritual Workers, Intuitives and Metaphysical Workers:

* Do not take on any “high drama” types of clients as nothing you way will be understood and it will cause you more headaches than it is worth. * Be absolutely clear on your statements as miscommunication runs wild during a retrograde time. * Double check your appointments as e-mails tend to go off into cyberspace and answering machines will not record correctly during a Mercury Retrograde. * This is a good time to deep clean your sacred space or altar space.


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