Free Candle Spells | Did You Know? – October 2012


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* Did you know that Halloween is the time to stock up on black candles for conjuring, crossing, destruction and revenge work? Visit your party warehouse, local crafts store or even the dollar stores for black candles, because when they’re gone, you will be hard pressed to find them in February!

* Did you know that many cultures besides the Mexicans, honor All Souls Day on November 2nd? In Mexico, the Day of the Dead has been traditionally celebrated by whole families who go to the cemetery and clean and decorate the burial plot with crumbled petals from the Marigold plant and with paper streamers and flowers in dazzling colors. They lay out foods, candies, liquor and tobacco as gifts for their dearly departed and in most areas, strolling mariachi bands can play a tune for the deceased for a few pesos. The family will light candles and dine with their dead relatives while the children will play among the crypts and headstones.  In certain areas, a Catholic Mass is said by the town priest in the cemetery for all to attend. Consider creating your own tradition by visiting the graveyard and sprucing up the graves of your loved ones who have passed and laying an offering to them.

* Many cultures consider the three days of Halloween – All Hallows Eve (Oct. 31st), All Saints Day (Nov. 1st) and All Souls Day (Nov. 2nd) as a time when the veil between this world and the other world is thin and can be penetrated. This is why so many people want to contact their loved ones who have passed during this time. Caution is to be had with such tools of spiritual contact such as the Ouija Board, as it has been said that you can also open portals of contact with malevolent spirits who want to trick you in to thinking they are good. Beware and use caution if you are considering using any board and planchette-type game.

* Halloween originated when children in Old England would dress us as their favorite Catholic Saint and go from house to house singing church hymns. The owner of the house would open the door and enjoy the song, then offer a cup of cider or a bite of food for their efforts. This door-to-door visit was done to remind all that the next day – Nov. 1st – was All Saints Day, considered a High Holy Day in the Catholic religion.

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