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The Full Moon in the astrological sign of Aries occurs on September 29, 2012 at 10:18 pm E.S.T.. The Moon in Aries, considered a “Cardinal” Fire Sign, is energetic, spirited, innovative and forceful. Burning candles to rid one of unwanted or “nasty” habits or people who put you in a “tailspin” mentally, is best advised now since Aries, the Ram, rules the head.

In Native American lore, this Full Moon is the Full Corn Harvest Moon as this Moon signaled the time that corn needed to be harvested for safekeeping for the long winter months. It is also called the Harvest Moon, as it is the Full Moon that is closest to the Autumn Equinox. It is said that one out of three times the Harvest Moon will occur in October, with the other two times having it fall in the month of September.Farmers can work late into the night during the Harvest Moon to get in the crops, as the nights are cool but welcoming after the afternoon golden sunlight.

Candle spells during an Aries Full Moon would be best for full on “attack” of your enemies and a forceful “cleaning house” on Reversible Candle Spells. This means that during the Aries Moon, you decide you will not have any more problems or “funny business” and you mean business! Rams, the animal associated with Aries, butts with it’s head to get the message across, and that image is how you need to utilize your energy when you bless and anoint your candles. Red is the color of Aries and Mars, the zodiac’s planet of War, is it’s ruling planet. Use imagery when praying over red 7 day “Novena” Vigil Candles for force and strength. This is an excellent time for exorcism as the Moon in Aries favors using tools and weapons to thwart the enemy. Using a Crucifix, Athame or any other ritual item to banish or release will be empowered by the energy of this moon.

Other energies working with this lunation calls for moderation when speculating and be wary of talking huge risks. Dangerous activities are not favored at this time. Keep your head as tempers can flare and conflicts are to be avoided at all costs. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” can be a lyric or mantra you can keep running through your thoughts that could be useful during this time.

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The next New Moon occurs on October 15, 2012.

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