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I saved this readers question until I created the St. Expedite Red House and Home Candle so that I could show how this could be effective with items and needed cash for the home – J.



 I was in a candle shop and one of the persons behind the counter told me that you can use St. Expedite to help when you do not have enough money for the rent. I have read what you wrote about it, but how does this help in this situation?




Beverly, it is true. Remember that Saint Expedite (San Expedito in Latin communities) or “Saint Expedee” in the lingo of New Orleans, can be petitioned and utilized for any “Fast Luck” or when you need something to happen or materialize in a hurry. This can be applied for when you are doing the actual initial purchase and waiting on the documents or loan to go through all the way to petitioning for extra money to make repairs and enhancements. It is all about wording your petition to fit the situation. For instance, on the St. Expedite Red House and Home Candle, some of the prayer on the label reads like this: “I call for and….to remedy financial and economical problems….and in my home.” The prayer, in it’s entirety, is long and there are proprietary authors’ rights, so the jist of the prayer is listed here.

So the theory that you can petition him for rent or mortgage money is correct. Remember to accurately voice your need in a petition in a fashion that states how much you need and what is it to be used for. An example would be something like this: “Saint Expedite, Patron Saint of Aiding those who need your swift intervention, assist me in my time of need. I am short of money for the rent, due to unforeseen circumstances, and I need the sum of $300.00 to collect or make so I can pay next month’s rent. Assist me, I implore you, to give me opportunities that will allow me to gain $300.00 in order to pay my rent. Amen.” Mind you, you must also change your spending habits in order to not get into this predicament in the future, as the Saints may not grant you what you need because of foolish spending or not getting up each and every morning and looking at the day as an opportunity to advance your life. I tell many people that burning a candle does not bring you success alone; you must also be active in your quest for success.

Saint Expedite is considered best to be petitioned when you need things right now. These immediate needs are not to be used for gambling at the casino or playing the lotto, as to “trick” St. Expedee to change a situation that will ‘free up’ some money for you to play will result in things happening that will take that blessing away from you. It is with sincere conviction and humble application of the blessings served to you to the cause in the petition that will be best for you.


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