Free Candle Spells | New Design! Pink Saint Jude Love Come to Me Candle

We are pleased to announce the new design of the Pink Saint Jude Love Come to Me Candle!

This candle label with it’s Old World look and feel, will remind you of hours in the chapel surrounded by the smell of incense, while reciting your prayers. This candle, and exclusive design by Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply is second in a line of Catholic Saints images that are bring produced with specific prayers created for the candle to enhance your candlelight petition prayers or the setting of lights for specific issues and intentions.

The pink Saint Jude Love Come to Me Candle was created out of the need for this patron Saint of Lost Causes to intervene for those who seem to not find the appropriate candidate for a long-lasting, loving relationship. The prayer that is scripted on the candle back gives specifics for a quality lover that will stay for the long run and guidance on how to ask for that love to come into your life. This candle is intended to attract persons of quality to you that would be suitable for you to date and fall in love with them.

There are two ways you can participate in setting lights to petition this much loved Saint to bring you the man or woman of your dreams. One method is to have the candle lit for you on the All Saint Altar, so that your constant prayer of light is burning with others who are in need of answered petitions. The cost of this candle service is $8.00 (plus tax). Once your order is received, an e-mail will be sent to you asking you your full name and birthday.Then, once your candle is lit, a photograph will be sent to you of your candle. It will be prayed over one in the day and once at night, and a brief report of the burn will be sent at the end of the candle service, along with a photo of the finished candle.

To have a pink Saint Jude Candle lit for you to petition to bring in a long-lasting love, click here:

Order a pink St. Jude candle

If you wish to conduct your own personalized St. Jude pink Love Come to Me Candle service, order your St. Jude Candle Kit here: St. Jude Candle Kit


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