Free Candle Spells | Writing Petitions – Absolute or Shaky Hopefuls?


In most candle spell traditions, writing a series of words on paper to effective bring about the desired outcomes is one of the core rituals one does when burning candles to bring about change, money and in matters of love and relationships. The petition paper becomes a focal point or an incantation written so that as it sites below the candle, the energy of the candle will draw down from the Universe and land on the petition. The light from a candle is considered a perpetual beacon of light and prayer as it sits on the petition during the candle burn. Afterwards, the petition is usually reused, burned in a burnt offering ritual to the Heavens or fashioned into a charm or some other mojo bag or jack ball to carry with the petitioner to continue the attraction power of the ritual.

When it comes to candle burning spells or “setting lights”, one cannot be wishy-washy. I cannot tell you how many times I have had someone write a petition paper only to have words such as ‘hope’, ‘wish’ and ‘maybe’. It cannot be stressed enough that to write a good, concise and effective candle petition, you need to sit down and compose yourself before putting pen to paper. Here is a perfect example of a person being weak in the matters of writing a candle petition to burn a candle spells for matters of love.

A young client of mine was ‘head over heels’ over a gentleman of whom was less enamored of her and wanted to ‘compare the selections’ of the town. He blew hot and cold in this girl’s life and his indecision and actions were making her a wreck. After a reading with her, it was indicated that she should burn a series of candles to solidify the relationship. I asked the young woman to write a petition of exactly what she wanted to happen from the candle spell. Her petition was something of this nature:

‘If he doesn’t want to be with me, then he needs to go away and leave me alone’.


This petition was a head-scratcher for me, raised some red flags, and it was not good. She was asking for two things to happen and this would have been a ‘dud’ in any candle ritual spell. This candle petition was giving the ‘victim’ (not used in a malicious way) a choice – something which is not advised to do in a candle spell. Either you WANT them with you or you DON’T. A more effective petition for settling lights in a ritual to bring someone closer together would sound like this:

“__________(insert name), I want you to love me and only me, to see me with eyes of tenderness and love. When you are away from me, you will be filled with longing for me and only me and will rush hastily back to my arms. __________(insert name) your eyes will only be focused on my beauty and figure and will not be enticed by the wiles and whims of other females and your passion will be reserved for me and only for me. __________(insert name), you will desire only to be with me and forsake me not for any other person.”

This says it in a nutshell desire only me and return to me always and immediately and without the propensity to stray with other females.

In conclusion, just like shooting of an e-mail that you might later regret, write your initial petition and then take a break. Return to the petition a little while later and re-word it and make sure it says exactly what you want to set the candlelight for. This way, you are more clear on your intent to ask the Angels and Saints into bringing the petition into being.






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