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Note: I have saved this question until I was able to capture some photos to go with it for a deeper understanding. – J.


I have been doing some money and fast luck candle work and wanted to know what should I do with the petitions I write? My friend says I can keep them but things change and I don’t always use the same petition each time. Can I throw them away with the glass after the candle is done? What do you do with petition papers?




Hi Julessa,

Thank you for sending in a good question. You would not know how many times I have gotten a personal e-mail about what to do with the ends of a candle spell for my candle burning rituals. Here are some great tips:

If the spell is for banishing or sending someone away, take it all in a paper bag and leave it at the crossroads with three pennies next to it. Don’t look back.

If the spell is for money, bury it in a container (preferably a covered decorated jar) of “lucky” green rice and keep it near your front door or bury it in the backyard to keep the money at home.

If the spell is to keep someone from traipsing off (like a wayward lover) wrap it in a sock and bury it in the backyard. Can’t do this? Then get a large pot and place it in the dirt in it and plant a rosemary bush over it (Rosemary is a ‘woman-controls-the-house’ herb)

If the spell is for general attraction of all kinds (luck*money*love) bury it at the front door or in a pot of dirt with basil (old time money drawing plant) planted on top of it and place on front porch at front door.

If the spell is for protection, bury it in a pot with dirt and a green plant or flowers and keep by steps or front door. Live in an apartment building? Use a pot, real dirt and a fake plant.

If it to attract love, wrap it in pink cloth with the appropriate herbs (odd numbers only) and pin to bra or waist of panties. (Really!)

What I do when I burn candles for clients and the candle is done, I snap a photo of the end of the candle burn, then toss the glass in the recycling bin and save the petitions. I then pick a good day – major holiday, Sunday, or some astrological occurrence, and I burn them together outside with a mixture of white sage, frankincense and myrrh. I pray over them and it is essentially a ‘burnt offering’ to the Angels, Saints and the Heavens so they will answer your prayer. I took these photos to show what it looks like:

Best case scenario, use your intuition. If you want something to stay close, keep it close. If you want something (or someone) to go away, then toss it at the crossroads or take it to a flowing stream or river. Hope this helps explain a little further.





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