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Here we go! The first of three sessions with Mercury Retrograde and beginning in the sign of Aries and ending the three week dance in the sign of Pisces. The Mercury Retrograde time is March 12 – April 4.

What is a Mercury Retrograde? – It is a time when the planet seems to be retreating in its’ march across the night sky. During this time, it has been said that one must “rest and reflect” and use this time to check over plans, rewrite business propositions and letters, check balances and figures to make sure they are right and be ready to begin again when the planets is finished with the Retrograde period. It is not a good time to sign contracts, get car repairs or start anything new, as the planets are ‘stacked against you’ in the success of the endeavor.

What does it mean to you? – Expect computers, cell phones and voice mail programs to go kaput. Expect the old words “The check’s in the mail!” to really ring true – the check IS in the mail – just not in your neighborhood! Expect calls to drop, e-mails to get lost and communication all around to seem to have gone haywire. Now with the energy of the planet Mars (which rules Aries) this could mean that some conversations (Mercury is the planet of communication) to get a little heated. Stop – take a breath – and think about the reaction of the person before saying what you think. Cooler  heads and controlled tempers wins the game in the next three weeks.

How you can fight the forces of the planets? – Burn Van Van candles to hold back chaos and to level the playing field – planet-wise. Van Van is an essence of Oriental grasses and is one of the oldest oils in hoodoo and conjure. Burn on white 7-day glass “novena” vigil candles like you find in the Latino foods section of your local grocer. You can also anoint yourself after every morning shower before going out into the “battlefield” of your world. Place three drops of Van Van in your palm of one hand, rub both palms together, and lightly stroke this thin veil of essence over you from head all the way down and off the tops of your feet to the toes, praying the Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my Shepherd”). Then, dress as usual and go about your day.

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