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Sister Jacqueline,

First let me say I love your book I ordered last month, “Highly Effective Money Candle Spells”. I didn’t think that you could do some of the things you wrote in your candle spells. One of the questions I have is that I read somewhere else about burying something at your doorstep to attract money. I live in New York City in an apartment building which leads right out onto the sidewalk and I am on the 8th floor with my door opening out to a hallway going to the elevator. How do I put something outside of my door for an attraction spell?

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Thank you for your kind words about the book. That was my first venture in the literary world and I will be releasing another book soon, so look out for the announcement going out in the newsletter.

I know what you are talking about and one of the things that I addressed about ‘burying’ something at the front door was changed up in my spell “Money Magnet Charm to Gain Money” in the book you purchased. In it, I said place the charm in a bowl or copper pot and set right at or as near to the front door as you could. This spell was specifically designed for city dwellers in mind.

Another way to ‘bury’ something is to purchase a potted plant like a fern, ficus or palm tree and set it at the front door on the hallway side of your door, just outside your door. Of course, you are setting up yourself for a possible plant theft by another neighbor, but if you live in a fairly decent building and know your neighbors, they might enjoy seeing a bit of nature in the hall and leave it alone. So that it might not be too obvious, you might want to buy two plants and place them on each side of the door to jazz it up. Then you place the charm inside the dirt of the plant, making sure it is covered so that nosy people won’t disturb it.

If this is not possible, then go back outside and look at the front of your building. Is there planters or a small strip of dirt between the building and the actual sidewalk? Is there a grass strip or a tree in a square cut out that is surrounded by concrete? Both of those areas are good places to bury your charm. If this is not possible, maybe talking to the super or doorman and asking if you can make a “donation” of two potted plants to place on either side of the main lobby door to celebrate the coming of the Season (whichever season is coming; in this case it would be Spring). You can tell him you would come down and water them regularly and it would brighten up the lobby to make all feel warm and fuzzy about their apartment building.

Last but not least, if you still cannot perform any of these, then buying a plant and placing it on the inside is better than nothing to attract what you want or to draw in money to your home.

On another note, if you need to bury something away from your home, like at a crossroads, the same would apply. Look for a “+”  (cross) style intersection ( four way stop) and look for planters or a tree to bury it at. You may also use a “Y” type crossroads to do your crossroads work but do not use a “T” intersection where two roads come together like the letter “T”. That will not do. Sometimes you might have to travel a bit before finding some dirt in the city but you will eventually find some place in which you can bury your crossroads charm.

Thanks for a great question!


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