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I have been following your writings here and I want to say thank you for all that you have written. I have learned a lot.

I have a question. I want to know if I light my candle then put it out when I go to work, will my candle spell still work? I am worried that my cats might jump up and play with the candle and start a fire. Is it better to keep the candle lit all the time for my candle spell to work?

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Thank you for being an avid reader and your kind compliments. I write to help those who may have questions such as your and believe it or not, some of the questions submitted are some of the same I had when I started burning candles for Good Luck, Money, Success and such.

I can understand your concern about your cats knocking over the candle. I live with someone who is fearful of fire, but I am not. I can set a lit glass encased candle on the altar and go away for the weekend, because I have no pets, small children or other disturbances that would affect its burning. Also, I properly secure it with the tips I write about in past articles here on Free Candle Spells. To read the article about candle safety, click here.

If you properly light and properly extinguish the candle, your candle spell should not be disturbed however, remember that a candlelight service or candle burning spell is a petition to God, the Angels and the Saints, or any other Deity you hold dear to your beliefs and life. Success depends on whether that particular Deity determines if you should receive what you are asking for. Just lighting the candle is not a 100% guarantee that you will get what you wish for.

Case in point, I have had clients ask me to burn a green Money Drawing Candle for them, which I do as a service for readers. One particular client complained that they did not receive what they asked for and alluded to the fact that the service was ineffective for them. I first reminded them that a candlelight service is a petition for wishes to be granted. There is no guarantee. A perfect example would be this scenario about a lover that goes something like this:

What if a love petition were to read “bring back to me Cletus Billy Bob Jonesy”. Now, only the Heavens know what type of person Cletus is and what potential blessings or damage he could create for the petitioner, the one who wishes him back. What happens if Cletus becomes a mean drunk and beats the petitioner to an inch of their life? What if Cletus gets 5 women in the neighborhood pregnant? Is this REALLY what the Higher Powers want for this petitioner? No. Our Heavenly Celestial Beings want only goodness for us, so if the petitioner doesn’t get Cletus Billy Bob Jonesy back into their arms, it is probably best to think it was a “good thing’, right?

Same thing with the Money Candle. Did the petitioner go out and seek employment while I was burning a candle for them, or did they sit and watch trash TV all day? Did the petitioner actually get a small blessing and spend it on foolishly on things not necessary for daily life? I do not know as I can’t monitor the movements of the petitioner. I can only pray that they are doing the right thing for their own existence.

The question you pose is whether your candle petition spell is less effective if you put out the flame and relight the candle each day. No, if the good intentions carry forth like in the case of Money Drawing and Success, and if you Trust that the Heavens will bring you the person that you do indeed need in your life, then you will receive what you are destined to receive.  It is similar to Surrender. You have to give it to the Angels and Saints to do the work, and go about your day with a positive mind. You will be provided for with whatever it is intended for you to have.

If you do continue to put out the flame and re-light the candle, make sure you do not blow out the candle. To blow out the candle is a traditional symbolic movement to indicate that you are done with the candle spell. You might as well toss that candle in the trash. If you want to extinguish a candle, snuff it out with a candle snuffer (order online at Pier 1 or

Another thing to remember is not to use matches to light your candles. Match heads contain sulphur, an substance that is needed to ignite the match. Sulphur is also known as Brimstone in other magickal circles, a negative material. Always light your candles with a lighter or a plain stick lit from a stove, especially if you are doing positive, drawing in goodness-type of candle spell work.

I know this is a long answer but others like you have brought up some of the same points and I wanted to thoroughly cover reasons and theory about both methods of candle spell burning.

Thanks for the question and Good Luck!


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