Kitchen Hoodoo | Using Oregano in Hoodoo, Conjure and Candle Spells


Oregano, a common herb in European cookery, has its uses in candle spells to keep the law away and for keeping nosy people who are making trouble to stay away. Origanum vulgare, as it is known by its botanical name, has many different genus or variations of the same plant. The name Oregano stems from the Greek words “oros” and “ganos” to form the meaning “mountain happiness”. It is said that Greeks in the countryside would adorn the heads of newlyweds with wreaths of oregano to bless them with joy in their marriage. In the Greek and Italian magical traditions, oregano is associated with the practices of Stregheria, a form of herbal witchery. In this belief system, oregano has strong properties of protection and some brew a tea of oregano to wash down homes to place a protective barrier for the family. It also has been said that planting a pot of oregano by the front door will also protect the home.

In the Southern magical traditions of Hoodoo and Conjure, the oregano plant is used to keep the law away from your place of business or home, especially if you are conducting activities that may be slightly questionable with the authorities. Mixing oregano with crushed eucalyptus leaves will keep nosy neighbors and those who are “tattletales” our of your business.

Rolling a free standing brown Court Case candle in oregano after anointing with Court Case Oil or adding a pinch to the top of a glass encased brown candle that has had Court Case Oil added to it and burning it before going to trial has allegedly been beneficial in assist that matters will turn your way to help you in the hearing.

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