Free Candle Spells | New Moon in Aquarius – Time for Hope and Change?



The New Moon in Aquarius occurs at 2:41 am E.S.T. on January 23, 2012. The energy of the Moon in Aquarius in this astrological Air sign, is considered “Fixed”, meaning that it is stable and unchangeable. The energy is concerned with mental and intellectual activity and with the concerns for mankind.

This Moon is a good time to activate or initiate new things that have been different than anything you have ever done before. Now is the time to try a red candle love spell or a green candle money spell if you had never considered doing one. Make sure you calculate the long range effects of your candle spells at this time.

The Moon in Aquarius is good for community activism and social networking. Make new friends at this time and form ties that will lead to altruistic realities in the future. In addition this Moon squares Jupiter on one side and Saturn on the other, making it hard for those in positions of decision making to do anything because of effects that will happen if a choice is made. Look for stagnancy in the forward movement in projects, decisions.

Burning purple candles to work with the energy of Aquarius would be ideal at this time, especially if they are anointed with oils infused with the herbs of Uranus such as Cinnamon, Ginseng Nutmeg or Mandrake. You may also use free standing purple candles anointed with olive oil and rolled in herbs such as Star Anise, Curry. Spikenard and Wisteria.

The New Moon occurs on the same day at the Chinese or Lunar New Year. It is the year of the Water Dragon.

The next Full Moon occurs on February, 7, 2012.


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