The Prosperity Experiment 2012 – Beginning Jan. 23 ,2012

The first of two Prosperity Experiments for 2012 is about one week away, starting on January 23, 2012 on the New Moon and the day of the Lunar or Chinese New Year.

What is the Prosperity Experiment?

The Prosperity Experiment, now in our 5th year, is a month long candle burning service to attract more abundance and prosperity in your life for 2012. This candle burning service of green money candles, collectively with others, is a day-by-day walk to rethink how you view money and to bring you closer in meditation to attract more money. You receive daily inspirational e-mails with a story and a daily meditation for you to ponder each day, plus other goodies that you receive in the mail. There are free down-loadable e-books from some of the most successful power speakers and spiritual leaders who have become a living example of prosperous living.

To read more about the Prosperity Experiment, click here to go to article

Don’t delay ordering your participation in the Prosperity Experiment now and get ready for abundant living!

We have begun this Prosperity Experiment. Please look for announcements in June for July’s participation in the Prosperity Experiment.

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