Free Candle Spells | New Moon in Cancer – Time for New Beginnings!

The Full Moon in Cancer occurs at 2:30 am E.S.T. on Monday, January 9, 2012. This Full Moon in the astrological sign for the hearth and home, family and security, is considered “Cardinal” in nature, meaning that the energy of the Cancer Moon is energetic, innovative and emotional. This is the time to work on matters concerning the home and family, and with the energy of the Full Moon, eliminating and banishing things and energies that create disharmony in the home life is supported at this time.

The Full Moon is traditionally held responsible for energy that is for a “Reversing” and “Banishing” nature. Now is the time to light Reversible candles to change back a situation or black candle to banish something that is creating chaos for you. Using Lucky Mojo Reversible Anointing Oil on your candles is a good way to boost the effectiveness of your reversing candle spell.

This particular lunation emphasizes the need for balance between home and business for a secure place in the world.There may be delays in funding or expected payments form agencies. This is a time to not “place all your eggs in one basket”. Have a little tucked away here and stashed there so you can easily access it. The New Year also gives us a sense of renewed hope and a desire for a better future. Starting a savings would be opportune now, since you are about to embark on a very different and more positive year.

The next New Moon occurs on January 23, 2012. This same day is the Lunar New Year celebrated in many Asian countries. In the Chinese astrological calendar, this is the year of the Dragon.

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