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New Moon Prosperity Candle Spell




Blank Check from your Checking Institution

(made out to your name and amount you would want to attract)

Bottle of Lucky 13 Clover Prosperity Anointing Oil

Bottle of Lucky 13 Clover Power Oil

1 Red 7-day “Novena” or “Vigil” Candle (in glass)

1 Green 7-day “Novena” or “Vigil” Candle (in glass)

This candle spell is intended to bring in prosperity and abundance to your home or business. It is a simple way to increase what you are already bringing in for an abundant life for you and your family. This candle spell is not for additional money to spend on trivial things such as a new purse, hair extensions, or a trip to the casino but to bring in added money to stock the pantry and make an additional payment on your credit card.

The purpose of using a blank check from your checking account is that this is a visualization and intention practice. When you “see” yourself writing the amount down and signing the check, you are subconsciously imprinting that figure into your brain and it resonates through your subconscious mind constantly. The physical act of writing out this check is to “tell” the Universe that you are ready to RECEIVE gifts of money and like items to create abundance and bounty. The basic intent of making a check out for the Universe is that your intent will be compensated by the Universe with your actions and for your existence.

This candle spell is to be started within one day after the New Moon has begun. This is to allow for any Moon “Void of Course” that may occur.

How to Do the Candle Spell:

1.) Clean candle and prepare in accordance to the steps located here: Free Candle Spells | Candle Spell Preparation Step by Step for Candleburning Success”. Let candle dry.

2.) Write out your check, with your name going on the “Pay to the Order” line, the dollar amount filled out and written out in both areas of the check. The note “Paid in Full” written in the “Memo” area and the word “The Universal Law of Abundance” written where the “Signature” line is located. Leave the date open. See photo for example:



3.) Fill the holes in the green candle with the Lucky 13 Clover Prosperity Oil. Fill the holes in the red candle with Lucky 13 Clover Power Oil oil. Sit candles on top of check on a fire-proof Pyrex pie dish or aluminum pan. Extend your hands over both candle and pray the 23rd Psalm (“the Lord is my Shepherd”).

4.) Light candle and keep lit continuously throughout candle spell. If you find you cannot burn continuously, snuff or pinch with wet fingers the flame out and do not blow out candle. To blow out a candle is to symbolize that you are finished with that candle spell and you will have to begin again.

5.) Continue to burn candles when first ones have finished for a continued flow of abundant prosperity into your home. When you have enough money, burn the check in the flame of the last candle as a burnt offering to the Saints and Angels in Heaven for prayers and blessings received.

Please be aware that not all blessings come in monetary form. It may be in services rendered like a girlfriend doing your extensions for free, or by way of items such as someone blessing you with a dinner out or a bag full of fresh organic vegetables from the backyard. Make sure you accept any and all blessings coming to you, no matter what, as to not accept them is telling the Universe that you are not willing to accept what the Universe provides for you.





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