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Free Candle Spells recently asked readers to answer a few questions about the site and what they want to see in the future. Your response was overwhelmingly positive and I thank each and every one of you that responded. It is good to know that you enjoy my writings! Here are the statistics per question:

1.) More than 53% of you visit the Free Candle Spells website every week.

2.) Almost 59% of you used a candle spell from the site more than twice and 24.7% of you used a candle spell once.

3.) Over 52% of you clicked on the article separator banner ads on the site.

In addition, many of you gave great feedback on what you wanted to see. I am going to implement many of  them right away to make Free Candle Spells more effective and better for you to use. Here are a couple of comments I would like to answer now:

“simple rituals for esbats would be great to find here. I love the site as its a great reference page for me. Thank you )O(“

Answer: I would love for YOU to give me some information on esbats as this is a path I do not follow. In fact, I encourage all who read the blog to submit your candle spells, especially if they knocked your socks off, so that it will help the next person with your same situation – J.

“other’s comments regarding the spells and the articles.”

Answer: I add a comment or answer a question sent to me by way of an article creation and I send the querent (the one asking he question) an e-mail stating that the question was so good that I turned it into an article. Some comments are more leading comments to have their own situation discussed and that is not what this blog is for. That would better be served in a discussion form type of blog, not a more informative blog as this one is set up to be(It’s a website mechanics thing) – J.

“I love the free Candle Spells website ; however , the timing in which I receive the spells / instructions need be posted earlier than a few days before they are to be implemented so I have enough time to gather the items required for the spell.”

Answer: Totally understandable and that is why I sent out the “one week until New Moon” newsletter alert the other day so you could go shopping this weekend. I have already marked my calendar to send those alerts out a week before a major Moon change so you can gather up products – J.

I appreciate all of your wonderful and supportive comments and would like you to submit candle spells and rituals of your own (especially with photos!). This way, we grow as a sharing community of candle spell workers making change in our lives and the lives of others.






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