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“This candle spell is to get someone to pay you what you are worth or to pay you for a job done. This spell will also work when a raise was promised. This spell works well for independent contractors who work without a specific contract or written agreement, when it should be that trusting in a person’s word and handshake will suffice in striking a deal. Sad to say, a lot of deals made on a handshake are not kept and cannot be held up in a Court of Law. That is when you need a spell like this to remind them to keep their word.” – Jacqueline


1 Green Glass “Novena” or “Vigil” type Candle

9 Red Tea Light type Candles (in their aluminum holders)

1 Bottle of “King Solomon” Anointing Oil

1 Bottle of “Pay Me” Anointing Oil

1 White Piece of Paper

1 Business Card from Boss or Employer(preferably with their name)

1 Red Ink Pen


Clean glass candle in accordance to the instructions located in this article: “Candle Spell Candle Preparation Step by Step for Candleburning Success!”. Clean tops of the nine red tea light candles. Let dry.

Drill three small holes in the candle in a triangle pattern around wick (as if at 12 o’clock, 4 and 8 o’clock on a timepiece). Shake out excess wax.

On the white piece of paper and addressing it to them in their full name (if known), write  this compelling note to the intended, stating their promise to pay you for a job done, and reminding them of their promise. Below is an example:



(insert name here)

As my command to you:

Until you pay me the amount I deserve,

I, (insert YOUR name)

Compel you to burn with the fire of remorse when you talk to me

Compel you to remember your debt to me and what I did (or do) for you

Compel you to feel the sting of your conscience when you see me

Compel you to dream of the evil you have done to me

Compel you to taste the bitterness of the ashes from this candle spell in your mouth when you think of me

You, (insert their name)

Will remember me

Whenever you see money, you will think of me

Whenever you think of money, you will think of me

Whenever you hear the word “MONEY”, you will think of me

Whenever you touch money, you will think of me

Until you pay me the money you agreed on, you will not rest, gain fortune or bounty

as God and the Angels will withhold from you as you withheld from me


(insert their name)

or life will become troublesome for you!

As it will Be!

Place this paper on a Pyrex glass pie plate or a large ceramic plate. Lay the business card on top of the letter and set the glass green candle on top of the letter and card. Pour in “Pay Me” oil on top of the green candle, filling the holes but not too much over the whole surface of the candle wax.

Circle the glass green candles with the nine red tea light candles.  Carefully put three drops of “King Solomon” Oil in each tea light candle.

Extend your hands over the candles with fingers spread out in a fan shape and gather up as much anger and disappointment towards the intended and begin to chant “Pay Me, Pay Me” over and over until the feeling has passed and you return to a calmer state of mind.

Light the green candle first, then one by one, light the red candles.

Keep all candles going until they self extinguish. Please note that the red tea light candles will go out first, while the green glass candle will burn for many days.

When all candles are out, burn the business card and leter inside the glass of the green candle. Let it burn itself out then place all in the recycling. The spell is done.

You may find that before the green candle is out, the intended will call you with an offer to give you the money. Do not blow out the candle, as you want them to feel guilty for trying to cheat you and to continue burning the candle until the end will make sure they don’t try any funny business with you ever again.

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