Kitchen Hoodoo | Using Nutmeg in Hoodoo, Conjure and Candle Spells


Nutmeg, known as myristica officinalis and other variations of this name, is one of the spices well known in  holiday baking and is a crucial ingredient of the Christmas drink known as eggnog. Nutmeg has a woody, nutty spicy aroma that reminds you of allspice and cinnamon, hence the use in Thanksgiving pumpkin and sweet potato pies and Christmas cookies.

Nutmeg is also used in the world of Hoodoo and Conjure in potions, oils and mojo bags for bringing in good fortune and good luck in the lottery and games of chance. An old time gamblers charm was created by drilling a hole in a whole nutmeg, filling the insides with quicksilver, also known today as liquid mercury, and sealing the hole with tree gum or candle wax. This was carried by those who visit the gambling halls and riverboats along the Mississippi River in days of old. Over time, it has been determined that mercury is toxic and can cause many problems with the central nervous system of the body, therefore it is virtually almost impossible to get some, despite many rural medicine practitioners in Mexico using it for stomach aliments in children.

Nowadays, modern hoodoo practitioners use a whole nutmeg (sans mercury) along with other luck bringing herbs and spices, in a mojo bag for those that throw dice or play cards to caress during their times of gambling. Nutmeg is a spice used in some Money Drawing Anointing Oils.  You may also consider rolling a free standing green wax candle in ground nutmeg after oiling it with any money drawing or good luck anointing oils.

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