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September 22nd is the Autumn Equinox, commonly known as the First Day of Fall. This is my most favorite time of the year, when Nature is in her glory, sending foliage into various hues of reds, gold, and ambers. This is also a transformational time for us as humans as well. After working so hard throughout Spring and Summer to bring ideas and wishes into fruition. it is now time to harvest what we have learned and take that with us as we wind down and cocoon for the winter months. This is the time to take a good look at what is working for us and what is not sustaining our needs, whether your needs have shifted or not, and what can be utilized from the old methods and that can be tossed out.

Releasing of the “Old” and keeping the “Viable”

As we pack away that swimwear, blow up pools, barbecues and gardening equipment, take time to toss out anything old, broken or worn out. Donate any summer clothing that will not be of use next spring or sell them at a yard sale. Harvest your herbs and prepare them for winter. But even as we do this, it is time for an internal cleaning as well. This is a season to enjoy the end of the summer fruit and begin to imagine lovely pumpkin and apple treats as well as hearty soups that will warm the soul as well as the tummy. Cooler weather means brisk walks for exercise without sweltering in the summer heat and you can even make leaf raking an aerobic event by adding a bit of “oomph” to your moves.They don’t call them sweatpants for nothing!

An “Attitude of Gratitude”

Despite the above words being often used, they still ring true. Despite all the intensity of growth and possibilities that the first part of the year had brought you, this is the time to consider what was successful and what did not go so well. We live in an age of transition, and many, including myself, have had to become a chameleon of sorts, changing with the times and needs of society. “Make hay while the Sun shines” is an old quote I tell clients when a certain card comes up in their Tarot reading as it foretells that there is plenty to ‘harvest’ and they need to ‘fill their barns’ with all that they can gather before the season ends. Yet, despite economic changes that may have affected your income, there are still opportunities available for those who are crafty and see the need with open eyes. Use the gifts of the season to gain financial blessings during this time. Walk dogs for those who cannot get home early enough to do so. Consider tutoring children with their homework. Offer yard clean up services for those who are physically unable to do so. Offer end of year cleaning services that take away their unwanted goods and prepare their homes for the winter months. Work with the season and it will bless you with opportunities you might not have considered.Consider offering your culinary services to cater events that are planned for the holiday season. Make seasonal jams and butters and package them attractively and sell them at holiday crafts fairs for shoppers who want a unique gift.

A Time to Dream, Plan and Conspire

As we approach the winter month with their many days of less sunshine and long nights, take time to begin an inner journey to make change as the year comes to an end. Your life is not stagnant; each passing year brings new challenges and opportunities, but only if you open your eyes and see them. Formulate plans to begin anew. Consider taking classes that will be a positive addition to your resume. Learn a new language. Start painting or writing again – who knows, you may publish a series of e-books and make additional income. On Tom Sullivan’s radio show, it was said that the most successful e-books were romance novels. Consider writing one and at the same time, saving expensive publishing and printing fees and destroying the forests with the printing costs. People can download them to their computers or other media apparatus and read your creations.

Utilize that energy of balance that nature is releasing and know that with all things that may pass, there is live ready to spring anew. Use this time to transition and transform yourself into an beautiful, more vibrant you in 2012.

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