Hoodoo Products and Uses | Red Brick Dust

Red Brick Dust, also known throughout the South as “Reddening”, “Red Dust” or “Brick Dust”, is an mineral element used in Hoodoo and Conjure. Made from fired red ochre bricks that have been pulverized, red brick dust is used in both protection and attraction spells. It is bright red-orange in color and can color many surfaces it comes in contact with. The uses of it throughout the South go back to ancestor belief systems of using red ochre clay for spiritual rites and protection of self and possessions. This belief came over to the United States with the African diaspora slave trade time, and since red ochre clay is not abundant in all parts of the United States, an alternative was to pulverize red clay bricks into a fine dusting powder.

Southern traditional hoodoo and conjure beliefs alleged that to protect one’s home and property for protection from unwanted visitors, a line of Red Brick Dust must be spread across a doorstep or porch. It is also an ingredient of Better Business Scrub, a blend of red brick dust and other ingredients reputed to bring in customers to a business for a constant stream of money.

Red brick dust was in the jar that Kate Hudson poured across the doorway while being chased by Gena Rowlands in the movie, “The Skeleton Key”

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