Free Candle Spells | Moon Void of Course and Waiting to Light Candles


When the Moon is changing from New Moon to Full Moon, or vice versa, old time conjurers, hoodoo practitioners and spiritual workers wait 24 hours before lighting candles to bring in or reverse, depending on the candle spell you are doing and the phase the Moon is in when beginning your spell. Traditionally, to manifest or “bring in ” good things, like new beginnings, a new love, more money, success, new job opportunities, etc., you would need to light your candle burning spell on the New Moon. This is when the Moon is from complete non existent or unable to be seen to the full round Moon. To banish, seek revenge, do “send away” spells or reverse a situation, it is said to burn your candle spell at the Full Moon time, or, when the Moon is moving from a full, round Moon to dark. But there is this little known truth to waiting 24 hours before beginning your spell. Some call it a “Moon wait”, “waiting on the Moon”, or a “Void of Course”.

In astrology, a “Void of Course” is a term used to wait when the Moon changes from one astrological sign to the other, which happens every 2.5 days or so. This is crucial for those who calculate their candle burning rituals down to working with the energy of the planet that the Moon is in at that time, s all the planets have positive and negative strengths that can be harnessed to put a little “oomph” into your candle work. The term “Void of Course” translates into “nothing will happen or come of it”. This is a time when the Moon has to recharge or gear up to do the work either under the appropriate astrological sign or the phase of the Moon.To best explain it, I envision the office worker in “The Devil Wears Prada” saying “Gird your loins!” as Glenn Close’s character comes into the office.

A “Moon wait” or to “wait on the Moon” is similar to a “Void of Course” for the Moon. Imagine this, you are going to go somewhere. Yo get into the car, turn it on, fasten your seat belt and shift into reverse. You let up off the brake and give it a wee bit of gas. You reach your point where you can then go forwards, apply the brake, shift into drive, and let up off the brake. That little bit if movement or shifting under your seat, where the transmission is, has to have a crucial few seconds to complete the reversing process, acknowledge the braking, recognize the shifting of the gears, before it can “think” to now move forward. This is the same for waiting the 24 hours after the Moon changes phases. It gives to Moon time to “think” that it now has to work for either positive or negative (depending on what you are doing and the phase) and move in that direction.

When I post the blog entry to announce the New and Full Moons, I list the actual time the Moon is considered at it’s New or Full status, and it is noted for Eastern Standard Time. It is wise, as a candle burning practitioner, to calculate the best time for you in accordance to your time zone. It is up to you to determine when it feels ‘right’ to light your candle spell. Waiting 24 hours before lighting your candle spells when a major Moon phase shift happens is a good practice to insure that your spell will be it it’s best position for ultimate success.

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