Free Candle Spells | Using Visualization to Charge Your Candle

You have decided to burn a candle or candles for a certain situation in which you want to petition your Guardian Angels, the Saints and Higher Powers that be to sway the outcome to your desire. Whether it is for love, money or something else, it is your power of intent that will be a crucial and key ingredient to the success of your candle burning ritual.

Lighting a candle, no matter what the situation, will be all for naught if you are not focused and emotionally attached to the situation. Sometimes you might feel the need to light a candle for your mate, girlfriend or a child’s situation in order to do the work for them, but it is important that you have some sort of connection with the one needing assistance from the Universe.

After cleaning your candle, applying the oil and gripping the candle in your hands for a time to pray, meditate and charge your candle is an important step in a candle burning ritual. It is when you sit with candle in hands, focusing on what you want the outcome to be, that you are energizing and putting yout intent into the ritual. You may want to practice a technique of visualization, where you can see in your mind’s eye, exactly how things will play out and what the eventual outcome will be. This technique is used in many different settings, such as coaching a football team to victory or in a business where the Boss wants a certain outcome. It is also something that is used when creating postitive signs and vision boards. Like any skill, practice is the key element to being comfortable with using visualization. Here are some basic ideas you can use to charging your candle for your next ritual.

When sitting with your candle in your hands, close your eyes and see the outcome you desire like watching a movie in your head. Use pictures in your mind to visualize. For example, if you are trying bring in money for a new home, see the new home in your mind. See yourself in the bank with a stack of money and signing the mortgage papers. See your family’s happy faces when they are unpacking the moving van. See how beautiful your new home is to you.

Now take it one step further. Hear the laughing voices of the family as they squeal with delight at their new home. Hear the birds singing in your trees. Smell the flowers blooming in your yard of your new home. Now imagine how comfortable your new home will make you feel; how safe and secure. Once you see the home in your mind’s eye, add the other senses as you apply them, one by one, until the whole picture is in place.

Let’s take another situation. You want to manifest a lover or maybe even bring in a little romance to a current relationship. See them standing in front of you, wanting you, desiring you. Visualize every detail of them – what kind of clothes they are wearing, their hair and eyes, their facial features. Do they have brown hair or blue eyes? Do they have a certain specific article of clothing that they wear?

Now heighten the experience by smelling their natural body scent or their favorite cologne. Now taste their lips on yours, maybe with a hint of peppermint gum or strawberry lip gloss. Further, hear you lover speak romantic words to you. Hear the affection and desire in their voice. Hear them speak your name. Remember all of this and use all of your senses to visualize and charge you candle before lighting it.

Some key points to remember for successful visualization and candle charging:

* It is important that you visualize the outcome – not the journey. You know that obtaining the money for your new home will take a lot of work and saving money instead of spending it, but don’t put those images in your mind when you are creating the picture. Visualize only the end result – you standing in front of your new home. If you focus on the struggle or the time involved to get the money, it will be longer for you and your candle will not be coreectly charged for the ultimate in successful outcomes.

* Do not visualize your gain at the expense of someone else. Do not imagine a relative passing away in order to obtain money for your new home. You do not want that negative image in association with your new home. You do not want to gain money for your home by surviving a terrible accident and having litigation as a result of it or having a loved one pass on. Keep it positive and in a good manner in which you recieve your money in your mind.

* Be patient. Rarely, do you get exactly what you need with just one candle burning ritual but on occasion, it does happen. You need to do your candle ritual over and over again until the dream become reality. Your candle burning ritual continues to desire and creates the drive in you to create the dream.



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