Readers Question | What to Do with Other Petition Papers

Hi Jacqueline,

I have read your suggestion about money petition papers. What if it is not for money but someting else? What do you do with petition papers that are secret wishes for things like good health or for better times ahead?



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Let me tell you what I do with petition papers. As you know, I receive prayer requests from all over and place them free on my All Saints Altar, under the candles I am burning for others, so that they can “piggy back” on the candle intentions and have a little “oomph” for the Angels and Saints to hear.

On Sundays, when I clean the Altar and reset things and such, I take those prayer requests and petitions, including the petitions that were attached to candles I have burned for clients, and I burn them on a charcoal that has frankincense and myrrh or other Holy Resins and Herbs on it, and let them burn, allowing the smoke to drift to Heaven. It is reminiscent of Old Testament times when burnt offerings were placed on fires in the Temple.

You might want to do the same for your petitions. Get a aluminum pie pan and light some incense charcoal that you can get at a spiritual supply shop or Catholic store. Frankincense and Myrrh granules can be found there as well. Light charcoal, drop some incense grains on he coal, then place petition on top of it. Make sure you area is fire safe. You can add prayers or a meditation time during your burn, if you wish.

Thank you for a good question!








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