Free Candle Spells | The Bike, the Tag and the Reversible Candle Spell

Here is a story of a Reversible Candle spell that went really well. The funny thing about it was it was at my hubby’s request that I do the spell!

After six years in the garage, my hubby wants to get his bike fixed. Huh? Must be spring fever, I guess. So he takes it to the bike shop and get it worked on and brings it back a few days later. He takes it out for a spin the next evening and parked it next to the house by our back gate, semi-secluded by the bushes. Mind you, we live in a gated community and have good, friendly neighbors. He then sat down to do some work on the computer, completely forgetting about bringing the bike in the gate. Night came and he went to bed. He left the next morning, remembering the bike but thought to call me a bit later to ask me to bring the bike in but alas, he got to work and completely forgot to call me.

He came home and immediately went to the gate and upon opening it, saw that the bike was gone. Now, the only way someone could have seen the bike was to be walking past our house, as you could not have gotten a good glimpse in a moving vehicle. So we figured it was someone in the community. He went to post a sign at the front gate, knowing that everyone would see it and warning others that there was a bike thief in the community. On the way back, he saw the ticket from the bike shop on the ground where the thief had torn it off the handlebars and tossed it into the street. He walks in the house, gingerly pinching on corner of that tag with his fingertips. and says, “OK fortuneteller, tell me who stole my bike. I have his fingerprints all over this tag when he tore it off and tossed it in the street by the front gate. Do your thing with his DNA.” I thought he was joking but he was quite serious, he wanted me to burn a candle on the tag to get his bike back. So I did.

The petition paper asking for the return of the bike...or else!

The tag from the bike shop with culprit's fingerprints on it. Bwoahahaha!

The candle this morning...after it did it's job! Ta-Da!

I lit the candle Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, Hubby had posted a sign at the front gate, which was promptly read by a boy of about 12.  My guy asks him to ask around and if he knows, Hubby would give him a $25.00 reward. The boy was jazzed. Wednesday late afternoon, the boy and two friends knock on the door, telling Hubby they know where the bike is ironically, at a friend’s house. He tells the kids to go get it and bring it to him for the reward. Kids come back later and tells him they couldn’t get it.

Thursday about 6 pm, the same three kids come knocking and tell us that they can’t get the bike away from the friend, but it now has been sprayed white (like who ride a white bike?) and is in the garage of this kids house. Hubby asks kids to take him to the house. After a man-to-man talk between Hubby and the 19 year old that answered the door, the guy finally gives up the bike, after saying his kid brother “found it” – sounds suspicious – since this family does not even live in our gated community at all, but just outside it. As a back up, for preventative retaliation events, I called in a report to the police, who assured me that if something happened to our home or cars, they would come looking for our “thief” and his accomplices. Hubby paid each of the kids $10.00 each, and congratulated them for being brave in the face of losing a “friend” such as the thief. Here is our snow white bike – recovered – but uuggllllyyyyy!

C'mon, now...who spray paints bike tires and brakes...DUH!

Now the question is…do we leave it that way or what? LOL

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