Readers Question | I Burned Money Candle – Now What?


I am new to your site and new to candle burning. Last month, I burned a green candle for money and I have not seen any changes. I work, but I don’t see any new money coming in. Does the work?




It does indeed work – if it didn’t it would have faded into obscurity like the typewriter recently did. Let me go over some things that might have happened that you may  or may not be aware of in candle burning.

First, proper candle preparation such as cleaning, carving the oil holes and blessing is a must. For a refresher, read “Candle Spell Candle Preparation Step by Step for Candleburning Success!” for tips and to refresh your memory on getting the candle ready for your candle spell.

Then, you may want to see if your petition was properly worded and prepared. If your petition is asking for extra money to go to the Casino, you might be barking up the wrong tree, so to speak. It is wiser to petition for money to pay off bills and have a little for rainy days, as the Higher Powers would be more pleased at this concept. You might want to read this blog post, “Free Candle Spells | Constructing an Effective Petition Paper”. This might get you the psychology of wording petitions the right way.

Lastly, I would suggest that you burn the candle constantly. Why? Because you need money constantly right? I certainly do – taking care of the family, bills, food, etc. – all costs money. Are these reasons that I mentioned and that we labor so hard  and long for worth a petition so that constant streams of prosperity and wealth flow into our hands to support our needs? Yes, and that is why I strongly suggest creating a money altar – however small – so that you can have a green candle for prosperity burning day and night constantly until you do not need money any longer. Money is good and many misquote the Bible saying that it is written that money is evil. Money is not evil but it is the GREED of money that is evil. Money is a tool to use for validating one’s hard work and to glean necessary items to sustain us and our loved ones – that is why we go to work, right? Please consider burning at the very minimum, one candle each week for your own personal money altar. Here are some examples of money altars that you can create:

I suggest that you keep working and also consider joining my month long candle burning service I provide twice a year that I call the Prosperity Experiment. This has been ongoing for four years now where a group of participants band together and have me burn candles for them and send them daily inspirations to guide them to greater wealth. My next one will be in June, so keep looking for the announcement coming soon!


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