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I have been buring a protection candle for someone and the glass, of course, is black all the way to the bottom. However, the question I have is this: The candle burnt itself out with about one inch of wax in the bottom. I have never had one do that. I have lit another candle for him since this one was suppose to go out today. So, what does it mean?





A black candle all the way down means negativity but one that goes out without any physical help (wind, movement, or excess oil) means that it was stopping in its tracks or thwarted. It could mean that  if someone else is keen to it, they might be burning candles to damn him (if they is so inclined). I would start a new candle and see if this pattern repeats itself. If it does, then “boost” your candle with a white candle for protection of the protection candle or red to increase the power and intensity of the protection candle. You might try one then the other to see which is more effective. Just light that second candle and sit real close to the first candle (like twins) and let burn.
Also, you might want to tweak your cleansing and blessing – maybe adding smudging the candle and petition paper with incense as well. Once you “hit” on a technique, hen it will work – some candles need smudging with incense, some don’t. Kinda like chocolate cake, maybe you ad three eggs and I use a cup of black coffee, it is still chocolate cake – but with MY or YOUR twist.It is like saying that what works for one might not work for others; you have to develop you work technique for candle burning success. Sometimes you have found the perfect method on the first try, sometimes you have to burn a few candles before knowing and ‘feeling’ you prepared the candle “correctly” to your specifications or not.

Good Question!



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