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Constructing a petition paper to place under your candle is an intregal part of candle magic in many belief systems. The theory is that the words are magnified and blessed by the candle being burned directly on top of the paper; as kind of constant, ever-going prayer, while the candle is lit, in order for the Higher Power, Guardian Angels and Saints to hear. Constructing a simple prayer on a piece of clean, white typing paper, is relatively easy to do, however, many are at a loss for words as they feel their petition paper might not be “correct” or “good enough”. Never fear, it is the intention that is the most important element – your belief that what is written will occur – which is your greatest asset. Here are some great tips to consider when writing a petition paper:

1. ) Intention – Do not write your history as the Universe and all of its celestial beings already know what happened. Focus on the outcome, not the incident. For example, if it is money you need, then state directly and forcefully: “I will have $300.00 in my hands to pay for the brake job at the time it is needed to keep my family car safe and secure.” You have set in positive motion by your words “I will” and you have specifically named an amount needed (“$300.00”) and for it’s intended purpose (“To fix the brakes on the family car”) and the reason for the petition to God, the Angels and the Saints (“to keep my family car safe and secure”). Simple, effective and to the point.

2. ) Construction – A petition is just that, a request for spiritual intervention. When you write your petition paper, be sure to not use these words:

I hope
Only if

These words introduce the option of doubt – doubt that you will get what you want. When you doubt the outcome is nothing but 100% positive, you are not confident and you must be absolutely confident when you do your candle spells. When you light your candle, you must be ‘pumped’ to pour out your most extreme ray of positive affirmation as your lighter touches the wick, in order to have the most effective outcome on your candle burning spell. For instance, when I performed the pink Saint Jude Love Spell for myself many years ago, my prayer to St. Jude was this:

“As I light this candle, I am totally positive that I WILL meet the man most suited for me. I KNOW that you, Saint Jude will bring me one who is perfect for me in every way. One that will not cheat, lie or steal. One who is handsome, has a good job, a decent home, a good running car, positive words for my endeavors, love my children, will be good to me and never want to thwart my goals and tie me down. I KNOW that every minute this candle burns, you are searching for that perfect person for me, Saint Jude, and I thank you for interceeding for me.”

3. ) Greed – Now I am going to examine the flip side of need – greed. There are people that burn candles for extra money to go gambling, and while I cannot say I have not gone (because I have gone to the casino a few times), I do not ask the Universe for money to spend there. If I have enough for my guy and me to go have the King Crab special and drop $20.00, then I use it out of my general funds from working. You will have a better rate of success with money candle spells if you as for money for practical things, like taking care of the family or a specific bill – and then really use it on the intended purpose when the financial blessing comes in. Nothing worse than blowing that answered prayer on trivial things, then come to find out, you really DID  need to get those brakes done this week!. God doesn’t like trifiling people, so don’t get on His bad side when you really need it!

4. ) Acceptance – Maybe one of the hardest things a person can deal with is when prayers are not answered quite like you want them to be answered. Some want to reunite with a lost love, and despite many candle burnings, it does not happen. They ask me “Why?” and my only answer is this – A PETITION IS ASKING FOR SPIRITUAL INTERVENTION IN A SITUATION. What I mean is that not all prayers are answered as WE want them, but as God sees fit. You may be totally in love with Billy Joe, but you do not know if in three years he is featured on “Americas Most Wanted” or has a crazy affair with your best friend. If you are a Child of God – in whatever belief system you adhere to – God will not allow His children to suffer. Your petition, while completely positive and affirming and not begging and pleading, is a petition. If you think of it as a request for consideration, and it is not considered, then it was Not Meant To Be. As metioned above, as I was burning my pink St. Jude Love Candle Spell, I was dating a few men and one by one, they would call me up to say they had met someone they would like to know better. I congratulated them, and knew in my heart that they were not the “One” for me, and the playing field was whittling itself down for my best intention. I accepted that despite what I thought about the person, God knew that he did not fit my specifications, and saved me a lot of time and heartache by ‘whooshing’ them right on down the road and I thank Him for it, because I would not have the special person in my life today, if it wasn’t for the event that happened as a result of my candle burning.



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