Readers Question | Why Did Money Candle Go Out?


I lit a money candle and a lot of crackling and then it went out on its own. I used lemon juice on it first and then a little olive oil. I did not blow it out it went out within 10 seconds of me lighting it. What does this mean?



First, I am going to eliminate all the physical possibilities before getting into the spiritual ones. Here are some reasons your candle could have gone out without any negative meanings or hidden agendas:

Wick was still wet

Too much Oil

Wick too short

Wick too long

Passive breeze in room

Candle wax properties not well suited for it to burn

Flame was not well lit before you moved lighter away (please tell me you did not use a match!)

Wick too thin to be of use (you would not believe some of the funkiest candles being produced today)

Candle poorly made at the factory

Now, given that you properly prepared it, cleaned it with the lemon juice, prayed over the olive oil, wrote a petition paper and placed it under the candle, said a prayer as you were lighting it, here are some reasons, other than physical, why your candle did not stay lit.

Someone is working against you – The immediate sputtering and crackling of candle would indicate spiritual disturbances – think of it as an “argument” that the candle is having about you lighting it against the forces that are surrounding you. In good candle burning, we look for signs of activity, such as flames whipping back and forth without apparent air movement in the room, or noises such as you heard, to indicate how well the spell is going.

Wrong time of the Moon/Wrong Intention – While this may or may not apply, some people are more successful when working with the phases of the Moon than others. Remember, the Moon growing or “waxing” from dark to Full Moon is for bringing in, as you would have been with a money drawing candle.

Lack of Focus/Concentration – If you were having a ‘down’ day, on your menses, distracted or just didn’t put enough “oomph” into your petition paper words, gripping the candle, deep breathing and praying over your candle, you may have not performed your rite successfully to keep the candle going.

I would read articles listed under the Free Candle Spells Categories labeled “Proper Candle Preparation” and see if a change up in your style or method of proeparation will results in future successful candle spells.


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