Readers Question | Bad Times to Light a Candle Spell

Miz Jacqueline,

Are there times when I should not burn a candle? I try to follow the Moons when it is time to burn love and money candles, but are there other times that I should not burn a candle?



There are certainly times when you should not light a candle for something to happen or instigate a candle burning spell. You can consider this article a warning so that you do not regret your actions later or in the future.

1.) When you are angry, emotional or traumatizedThis could prove fatal for a relationship, especially when the offending person might truly have forgotten your birthday, a date or something else. In some people’s lives, birthdays are like any other day. If it was a date, maybe car trouble or working late was a problem. Today’s technology is making it harder to NOT keep your agreements and appointments, because people can contact you everywhere. It is best to ask them, and then if you get a feeling that “somethings fishy”, then you can plan a revenge candle spell. Get yourself settled and calm and sort out all the facts before gathering a candle spell together.

2.) When a female is on her menses. – Some candle spells can go awry because of the natural forces that women go through every month. It is best that a woman wait until things are clear before performing any candle spells, so that you do not “get it wrong” or have to re-do the spell once menstruation has finished. This also goes for women who are having a bad hormonal day as well. Take the day off magickally, and let the World deal with itself for once.

3.) When you do not have the proper ingredients. – I have had so many people ask me if they could substitute this for that in a candle spell and I tell them no, unless the qualities of the item are the same. Here is an example, when you want to “spice” up a relationship and you want to use spices, you can substitute Ginger for Cinnamon in bath salts, sachets and candle “pinches” when burning a glass 7- day novena candle for love. Why? Because both spices naturally “heat” up the blood and are considered “spicy” and this is what you want to do in the relationship.

4.) When you do not have all the “facts”. – Examples of this would be not having the proper spelling of a person’s name for a namepaper, not having DNA or Personal Concerns for love drawing spells, not having a key ingredient like Holy Water, Graveyard Dirt or the proper candle color. I once had a person ask me if they could substitute a tri-colored beige-to-dark-brown coffee scented pillar candle for a court case spell. I told them it was not acceptable.

5.) When you are not ready to accept the results of your candle spell work. – This is very important. If you are not ready to perhaps in being the “back up” plan when you burn a Run Devil Run candle on your no-good, lazy son-in-law, then do not burn a candle that will drive him away and abandon your daughter and grandchildren, if any. Despite your anger and loathing of a family member, remember that their exit means the exiting of their finances, which although may not be up to your standards, keeps you from being the “back up plan” in the bills and food department. Instead, burn white candles for clarity and red ones for strength and honor for your son-in-law, so that he “gets it together” and is doing the right thing by the family. There is more than one way to skin the cat, my Mom used to tell me and that is a good example of it – candle spell-wise.



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