Free Candle Spells | Black Candle Spell Smoke – Positive or Negative?

I was doing a black candle spell on someone for a client a couple of weeks ago when about 5 minutes after lighting the candle, it started to create a column of black smoke in the center top of the candle (especially see first photo). So, playing devil’s advocate and ruling out the possibility of too much oil on the candle top (it wasn’t because the oil was in the three wells I carve into the candle in a triangular pattern), I wanted to post these photos and a description of what is happening to the candles, in the event you have something like this happen to you.

In this situation, the black column of smoke coming off the black candle is the negativity being removed for the purchaser of the candle (not the recipient) and it is negativity being released as the negativity that the recipient had sent to the candle purchaser is being dissipated. Now, is this particular case, it was a wife that was burning a black candle on a woman who is braking up her marriage and she wanted to give her a good whelping of all kinds of bad stuff for doing what she is doing (yes, the husband is to blame as well, but the ‘other woman’ is cognizant of the wife and 2 young’uns and flaunts her affair all over Facebook).

In addition to this, I also sent a little ‘something’ to the ‘other woman’, in the form of a Valentine. The card, dusted with Graveyard Dirt and other cursing-type herbs and sachet powers, will arrive in a day or so to the woman’s workplace, where most likely she will open it, spilling the graveyard dirt all over her cubicle or work space, further keeping her cursed as she will not be able to clean up all the “stuff”.




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