Free Candle Spells | Using Personal Items in Candle Spell Work

Picture with me for a moment, you are all in love, playing house and building a dream together. It’s all good. Then, someone wants to move in on your “love territory”, maybe even breaking you two up, or maybe your love interest has got wandering eyes and a few other things as well. You break up. You want them back. What are you to do? You call a root worker or spiritual worker and they ask you for  something personal and you are wondering what the worker means. Personal items? Whaaat?

Here is another scenario. Suzy Sue, hard driven make-it-on-my-own career woman, is doing her damnedest to thwart your moving up the ladder of success with your company. You have got to stop her in her tracks, before you are out of a job. You call your rootworker and she asks for something from Suzy Sue. what are you going to bring her?

The gathering of ‘stuff’ to use in the event your sunny days have gone grey is something that everyone should consider collecting, even if you are looking at the “Happy Ever After” sign as you travel down the highway of Life. In this mindset, if something happens to the both of you, you have a ‘little something’ of the person that you may need to do some spell work on.

One of the traditions of many forms of candle spell work is the theory of using a persons’ DNA to personalize and custom make the spell only for one person. In cat yronwode’s book, “Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic”, available through, she tells the specific ways to use various items belonging to a certain person in spell work, especially for those doing work for love, protection and enemy tricks.

I consider the items in three main categories, listed below, that will bring a more concentrated effort and more successful effects to your spells for a certain individual. They are in order of intensity:

1. ) True DNA and Items gathered from a Person’s Body:

Sweat, Saliva, Body Odor, Nail Clippings, Stuff from under the Fingernails, Ear Wax (on a Q-Tip), Sperm or Vaginal Fluids, Dirt from between the Toes, Hair from a Person’s Head.

2. ) Something the Intended Victim Used:

Kleenex Tissue, Dinner Napkin, Tip of Straw, Cigarette Butt, Roach from Marijuana (Yes, I have used it), Lollypop stick, Popsicle stick, Leftover Bathwater absorbed in paper toweling, Bow or Ribbon from Hair, Unwashed Underwear, Socks or T-Shirt, Baseball Hat, Bandanna, Headband, Gym Towel, Toothbrush.

3. ) Other non-DNA items to Consider Using:

A Signature, Business Card, Photograph, Full Name, Birth Date, Keys, Love Letter, Business Letter, Pill Bottle, Newspaper Article, Foot Tracks (in Dirt)

These items, when used in either a jack ball, under a candle, a packet to bury in the backyard, something buried in the graveyard, mirror box spell, in a love packet to place between the mattress and box springs, inside a pillowcase, or in a mojo bag, are effective ways to personalize your spell.

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