Saint Valentine Love Candle Spell | Patron Saint of Lovers – February 14th

In today’s world, we view Saint Valentine as the Saint who assists us in finding a lover and all the other rituals we have that is associated with February 14th such as giving cards, chocolates, jewelry, or sending flowers from the florist. Roses are the traditional flower to give on this day of lovers. There is a very different reason that San Valentin, or St. Valentine, is associated with love and lovers.

Saint Valentine, born in Italy and was a Holy Priest in Rome, assisted martyrs under persecution and was beheaded on the date that is set aside for lovers – February 14th. Before capture, he assisted St.Marius and family to give aid and safe lodging to those being sought out for their religious beliefs.

Saint Valentine, also known as San Valentin, is associated with lovers in the fact that on February 15th, a heathen festival in honor of their goddess Februata Juno, was held. In part of a custom, boys were to pick out slips of paper with girls’ names on them to court romantically. It is written that on the day after Valentine’s beating and beheading, the boxes where the name billets were gathered were filled with slips of paper with Valentine’s name on them. Since then, he has been associated with love and lovers.

Saint Valentine/San Valentin Love Candle Spell


2 pink glass encased 7-day “novena” or “vigil” candles

Photos of each of you separately, to attach to outside glass of candle

Full name and birth date of each of you, on a slip of paper known as a ‘name paper’.

1 bottle of “Adam and Eve” or “Fire of Love” Anointing Oil

1 Red Rose in vase

1 glass Red or Blush Wine

Pinch of Ground Cinnamon

Clean candle with Lemon Juice or Florida Water as instructed in this blog post, “Candle Spell Candle Preparation Step by Step for Candleburning Success!”. Let set to dry.

Continue to follow steps to candle preparation, including carving oil wells and putting oil in the three holes. Sprinkle a good pinch of ground cinnamon over each candle. Attach name and birth date paper to bottom of candle and photo to each candle. Set a love altar somewhere, as in the bedroom, where you can leave candle lit continuously,setting the rose and the wine next to the two candles. Pray that St. Valentine will make each of you tender and loving only to each other, forsaking all others, until the end of time.

When candles are finished, take photos, name papers, rose petals and wine to the back yard of your home. Dig a small hole and place all in it, pouring the wine over all of the papers and petals. Cover with the dirt and place a good sized rock over it, to make the spot. You may want to consider planting a rose bush over the spot, in remembrance of Saint Valentine.



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