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A banner ad such as this one, linking to your site is available for $20.00 per week. It will be the ‘break’ ad between articles and will sit on the front page for one week, until ads and articles change. Scroll back a few pages and you can see some examples.

Our statistics counter located within the site, has logged that in January 2011, had over 24,743 pages loads (that’s looking at pages) and over 11,851 first time and returning visitors. Here are the real numbers:

January 2011

Page loads (amount of pages viewed)  24,743
Unique visitor (total returning and first time visitors) 11,851
Average click per visitor 2.08 pages
December 2010

Page loads 22,588
Unique visitors (first time and returning visitors) 11,592
Average click per visitor 1.94 pages

These statistics tell you that when someone reads one page, most likely they will read two pages for information and that there are over 11,000 people looking for psychics, candle services, products and more.
What are you waiting for? If they can’t find you, how do they know you are out there?

Larger square ads, such as the ones on the right hand side, can be placed onsite for $500.00 a year and they will feature right in the two remaining places open for such an ad. That comes out to about $1.36 cents a day for international exposure for your spiritual offerings.

Call Jacqueline at 916 * 284 * 5552 for more information on advertising

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