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Moving or changing homes is something that has come by way of the Industrial Age. Centuries ago, many generations of families lived on the same piece of land or general area, but now with careers, school, technology and life, we have migrated farther and farther from the area where we were brought up. Most of us do not live in the home in which the family lived when we were born. Not knowing who a prior tenant was that was residing in the dwelling you are purchasing or renting can make you wonder what you will encounter during the time you reside there.

Here are some things to do when moving into a new home (previously owned or occupied):

*** Wipe down everything with a solution of white vinegar, blessed salt and rosemary to negate all former influences the house may have absorbed.

*** If changing the carpet cannot be done, have it professionally cleaned first, then rent a machine and re-clean with Pine Sol. You may use the lemony one if you tend to lean towards Asian or African culture traditions and original pine for Native American cultural ties.

*** Wipe everything down with a weak solution of clear (non-sudsy) ammonia to chase out the spirits of the former residents.

*** Do not bring your old broom from the other home; instead buy a new broom for the new dwelling so you do not bring old strife, heartache and problems into the new home.

*** Use small lodestones in the corners of each room to attract money, love, sex – whatever you are looking for. If small children are in the home, create a spell in baby food jars and place them in the corners, telling the children that they are to protect the home and they are not to touch them.

*** Sprinkle Irish Moss on your doorstep or under your front door mat to keep money flowing into the home

*** You can sprinkle red brick dust under your door mat to keep enemies away.

There are other things you can do to protect the home and the family. Here are some sore traditions of protection:

*** Other things to do to protect the home would be to hang empty glass bottles in the tree in front (secure with a good rope), a Bagua mirror over the front door and hang a garlic braid in the kitchen.

*** Growing rosemary by the front door with protect the home and empower the female of the house.

*** Buy cut flowers at least once a month and place in various vases throughout the home to lighten and lift spirits of the home.

*** Dump ice cubes down each drain in the home after an argument so that the situation does not linger. It is also said to pour a little ammonia down the drains periodically as well to keep evil spirits out.

*** Hang a prayer card of Saint Michael over the front door so he can protect you from harm. Catholics also pin the palm fronds from Palm Sunday over the door, only to change them each year with the fresh, blessed palm fronds.

*** Sicilian women take a lemon and insert nine new nails into it and wound red yarn or thread around it until covered. They then hung this in the top of the front porch or over the front door to keep the evil eye away.

*** Jewish families hang a mezuzah on the door lintel, with a passage from the Torah, to keep the home protected. A mezuzah is a small metal cylinder with a frame that has holes for nails to be inserted upon nailing to the lintel.

*** Anil or Bluing in a ceramic bowl of water left on the front porch near the door will protect the home as well.

*** Some Middle Eastern cultures believe in hanging blue glass eye charms in the windows or over the door to keep envious and jealous people from jinxing the occupants of the home.

*** Some hang an opened pair of scissors over the door lintel to “cut ties” with evil and those who bode the family ill will.

*** Some keep an open Bible in the home for protection, trusting that the power of the Word will keep evil at bay.

*** Some keep an overturned colander or sieve under their beds to keep witches away as the family sleeps.

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