Candle Spell and Poppet for a Young Adult to Move Out and Move On

I have encountered many situation and have created candle spells specific for certain situation, but one that I suggested to a client is becoming to manifest really positive energy and my client sent me photos to share with you.

In this situation, the client is in love with a gentleman who is a widower and has one child, a daughter in her early 20’s. The daughter, while graduating from high school, has not moved onto college, nor has she gained employment. It is as if she is ‘stuck’ in a void – both situational and culturally – as the family is Latino and she may have an unspoken message of not leaving her widower father until she marries. She does not leave the home, except to perform household duties, and to my client, it seems she has become the ‘little wife’ , in a sense. My client, a single woman with no children, love this man dearly, but knows the man would never allow their relationship to blossom further without making sure the daughter is on her way.

My client wanted to burn a black doll at my year end banishing negativity burn, as there is some stress and maybe a little animosity between the two women in this man’s life. I suggested that we do not have and send her away forever, but to gently and lovingly assist her into a fabulous new life on her own. Even though my client was scratching her head, I explained that in the future she may need this girl’s assistance, so my client should not ‘burn her bridges’. I said that it would be better, and more subtle, to wish her love and happiness as she moves out. She was willing to give it a try.

First, I suggested to create a poppet or doll in the image as close to the young woman as she could (see photo). I suggested stuffing the doll with sweet things such as a peppermint (for clarity) in the head, rosemary and rose petals (for woman’s courage and love of self) in the body, and maybe to add some cinnamon or red chili peppers (to spice or ‘heat things up’ – not for sex but to get her to hurry it up and enjoy the process). All of these things are either in your garden, spice cabinet and/or can be found in your nearby store.

I then told her to write a small petition paper, explaining that she loves the girls’ father and would want her to allow their relationship to bloom – if she would move on and gain employment or go to college, meet a handsome fella and move into her own apartment, along with driving a zippy new car she paid for herself. The client created a honey jar spell with this intention (see photos) and I suggested to take it one step further and create a diorama of the lifestyle – like a vision board – to place the poppet in when it is not near the honey jar candle, so that to doll will ‘get used to’ having this fine life m clients is wishing for her.

Since the client has created this spell, the daughter has been more civil towards the client and even has asked her to help her do something related to the clients wishes. Since both  the client and the intended mans’ families are from the same town in Mexico, they are all traveling to Mexico (no together) to visit. We will have to find out what happens when my client returns!

On another note, since she is in love with the man as well and wants to further their relationship, she is also working a love spell poppet/doll on him, too! (Smart girl!) She created a red doll (remember red for the woo-woo!) and a honey jar for the man, stuffing into the doll a hair net that he wore and left out for her to get (remember, DNA or worn clothing is a good personal concern for candle magick). She keeps his image on her love altar (see photos) when she does not take to doll to her bed, placing it on ‘his’ pillow on ‘his’ side of the bed, and she talks to it as if it is him (one way to manifest something to come true). She told me that he told her that some nights he feels like someone is rubbing his hair (she is – magickally!) and he wonders if she is thinking of him at that time (well, DUH!).

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