Kitchen Hoodoo | Using Sugar for Hoodoo, Conjure and Candle Spells

Sweet substances, by its various forms, has been used in traditional spells to “sweeten up” someone to see things your way for centuries. Sugar, whether white, light brown, dark brown or raw, in crystals or in liquid cane syrup such as Karo or Golden Barrel syrup, is the most economical way of using this substance when you want a lover to see you, get a boss to give you a raise or to attract money to you or bring in business like “bees to honey”.

In regards to honey, it too, is considered a necessity when you are creating a honey jar spell for love. Read more about honey jar spells by clicking the blue words of this article, “How to Make a Honey Jar to Sweeten Someone to You and Your Wishes”.

Here are some photos of honey jars that readers have sent in to me.

In the majority of different spells that are passed down by tradition, one sweetener like sugar can be substituted for another and you can custom make your jar spell by using white sugar or Karo syrup if the person you want to get into their good graces is Caucasian, light brown sugar or honey for a Latino or a light skinned person of African descent, and dark brown sugar or molasses if the person is a darker brown person of African races.

Molasses is the traditional offering to the Yoruba Goddess Yemaya/Yemoja/Iemanja at the seashore and honey is an offering to the river Goddess Ochun/Oshun/Oxum in the religion of Santeria/Lukumi/Ifa.



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