Free Candle Spells | Using Lodestones and Magnetic Sand in Spells

Lodestones and Magnetic Sand – two items crucial to any attraction spell work, especially if it is for love or money purposes. These two items, when placed on a money altar or are carried in a red flannel bag in the pocket, are reputed to energize and enhance your money drawing abilities.
Lodestone, also known as magnetic ore in the science world, are long considered in Southern Hoodoo and Conjure to be the core force of any type of “attraction” or “Drawing” spell. When used for Money Drawing purposes, the Lodestone is placed upon a 2 Dollar bill that has a petition written on it and signed by the spell worker or for whom it is intended. When used in Love Drawing spells, a pair of Lodestones, ones that appear to “cleave together” are used and are identified as a male (sharper, pointer edges) and female (softer, rounded edges).
Lodestones have also been used in Gamblers’ Mojos, where a single Lodestone is combined with High John the Conqueror (“Hi-John”, “John the Conker”) and other money and luck drawing herbs and minerals, to give one better odds in games of chance and other gambling games.
In all of the above cases, part of the ritual to continue keeping luck, money or love flowing towards you, you must sprinkle the Lodestone with “Magnetic Sand”, which is the spiritual term for iron filings. The tradition is that you choose a day, many chooses Friday or Sunday, and sprinkle a decent pinch of the Magnetic Sand on top of the Lodestone, watching it cling to each other, and say out loud a prayer or incantation about feeding the stone so that it continues to draw in and “feed” you.
From time to time, especially when it seems that you are facing tough situations or if you think your “Lucky Streak” has run dry, scrape off all the current Magnetic Sand onto a piece of paper in which you have written a petition. For money drawing, you might want to use a bank deposit slip and write an amount on it in which you want to attract. For luck, write a simple affirmation of continued luck. If your current Lodestone(s) are used for love, you may write a love drawing affirmation on a nice sheet of stationery. With all three of these, scrape off he old Magnetic Sand, roll it up, wind red thread around it, and ‘plant it’ in the dirt near your front door. If no dirt is available (as in high-rise apartments) buy a small green plant and bury it in the dirt of the plant. Leave this plant near your front door.
Then, take the ‘naked’ lodestone and soak it in a small hi-ball glass of whisky. You may also use Hoyt’s Cologne, a heady gentlemen’s aftershave that hearkens back to the riverboat gamblers’ time. Keep it there for the better part of the day. When time has passed, take it out, dry off and place it back where it was originally. Sprinkle new Magnetic Sand over the Lodestone, saying your incantation or ritual prayer.



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