Free Candle Spells | 4th Annual Banishing Burn 12/31/2010 – Time to Banish All Negative Influences!

I cannot say enough about the banishing burn that I will be performing on December 31, 2010 – New Year’s Eve. As the hands of the clock are pushing down on the face of the clock, I will be lighting your tea light petition candles, adding the white sage, frankincense, myrrh and your printed petitions, all to burn as a burnt offering to the Heavens above. Then, I will add the poppet/dolls ordered by those of you who have a specific person that is tormenting you, all in the name of releasing their negative influence and hold over you.

This is a real uncrossing and jinx removing ritual. All participants get photos of their actual doll being constructed, and all will get photos of the burn. Here are some of the poppets as I am working on them today.

If you have something that you DO NOT WANT to follow you into the New Year, this is the ritual that you should join in participation.

To order your poppet/doll or tea light petitions, please click the blue words here: 4th Annual Banishing Burn Dec. 31st on New Year’s Eve

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