Full Moon in Gemini | December 21, 2010 – Keep Up with the Plans and Ideas!

The Full Moon in Gemini occurs at 3:14 am E.S.T. on Tuesday, December 21, 2010. At this lunation, we are still feeling the effects of a Mercury Retrograde, the third of three retrograde periods from Mercury that occur each year. The planet Mercury governs the astrological sign of Gemini. When Mercury, the planet of Communication, is in Retrograde, you can experience things like e-mails and voice mails not connecting, letter being lost, the proverbial ‘checks in the mail’ not being there, computer problems and things that are said being misconstrued. This is a good time to do a computer back up, but not car repair, as you may find that after Mercury is going Direct again, you will have to ‘re-do’ or have the whole process done over again. This Full Moon in Gemini will be short, as is is in the 29th degree at3:14 am E.S.T., but only one hour later, the Moon changes to the zodiac sign of Cancer at 4:22 am E.S.T. I expect that you will see lots of communication regarding family and the home now – both good and bad!

The third ingredient to this month’s lunation mix is that there will also be a Lunar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Gemini, so keeping One’s head held high during the emotions of the Season will be more positive instead of being dragged through the emotional mud. Focusing on constructive goals is much more rewarding and will get you through the dark nights of Winter as the Earth marches towards spring and rebirth.

Lighting candles during the first hour of the Full Moon while the Moon is still in Gemini would be beneficial if they had a Reversing negativity and banishing ill intent to them, especially for those wagging their tongues too much. Once the Full Moon is in Cancer, it is an optimum time to set candles to keep all family funkiness away and back that up with blue and white ones for peace and tranquility in the home, as Cancer rules the hearth, home and family. This might be an emotional Christmas for some, so a little ‘preventative maintenence’ would go a long way!

The Full Moon time is traditionally considered a time to do banishing and reversing work, so if things are not going wood with you right now, this is the time to light candle spells to reverse a situation or to send negativity off into the Universe or back to its’ sender, so that you will gain some Peace and Tranquility during the next two weeks. Read about how to boost the clearing out of negativity by doing some cleaning to boost the effectiveness of your banishing candle spells by reading, “Hoodoo Products and Uses | Ammonia and Epsom Salts – Dynamic Duo of Negativity Cleansing”.

The next New Moon will occur on January 4, 2011.

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