Readers Question | Help with Burning Candles Turning Black?


I am burning a st johns the conqueror candle and the candle is pitch black at the top. What is it I need to do because I don’t know who my enemy is that is attacking me? The candle was dresses and is also burning with a seven day african candle and a white candle as well.


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While this question does not give me much to go on because it is not formulated into a question, most of your answers can be found be reading a previous post, “Free Candle Spells | Negative Signs in Candle Spells Work”

I recently was burning a candle for a client and their monetary problems and their candles turned black. I sent them these photos of their candles. Notice how dark the sooting or blackening became, and this was client that had tremendous problems with a certain financial situation.



Marilyn, in your case, unless I specifically knew what your candles were being burned for, then I could not determine why they turned black. High John the Conqueror, sometimes called Hi John the Conker in the South, is a candle burned for masculine energy and power or for a woman, strength to get through whatever she was experiencing at the time. The Seven African Powers candle is calling on all the Yoruba Gods and Goddesses, called the Orichas/Orishas/Orixas that are identified with the Ifa/Santeria religion. A white candle indicates blessing candle or an all purpose healing candle.

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