Readers Question | How Do I Do Banishing Spell Without Karma Backlash?

Hello Ms. Jacqueline,

I am interested in purchasing one of 4th Annual Banishing Burn doll and I have a question. I do not want to send myself to hell for the person on the doll but karma is a mug. The person a (Professor) is a straight up liar she had me thrown out the college and I know it was because she does not like black people. I don’t know how the dolls works but as I mention karma is a mug if I sent a photo of her to be place on the doll would that have a greater effect? like I want justice I want her to be fired from the college and for everybody to see her as the liar prejudice woman she is. It your opinion that matter to me so what do you think?

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The old saying, “If you want to destroy the negative hold someone has or magic worked against you, you burn it up” is at work here.

In another way to see it, it is like if you want to lay a “trick” at someone’s door, and there is a houseful of kids, but you want the Mom to ‘get tripped up’, you NAME to spell and its’ ingredients and ‘label’ it that the spell is only to affect the Mom and not anyone else in the dwelling, then it will not hurt the kids. You do not want others to be affected, only the NAMED person. That is why we name the poppet/doll, so that it won’t affect others. Now, to use the color black for the doll is because negativity appears as the color black in hoodoo history, so we want to keep it as traditional as possible. We are not cursing, exacting revenge or jinxing someone here. We are burning up effigies of people who have made our lives troublesome.

Also, if someone did something to you, then there are grounds for doing work to cut yourself off from the situation. This is the LAW OF KARMA, which does not have direct connections to Hoodoo, but many still think it has some influence over the motions of Life. It does not mean that you want this person DEAD, but you want to burn up any lasting residue or influence over you. All this ritual is for is to release negativity or negative persons who have bothered you, ‘tripped you up’ from success, bad mouthed you and caused you troubles, and the like. You are not ‘wishing’ them to die (that would be more of a graveyard spell), but their nastiness can be ‘burned off you’ so you can move on.

My Hoodoo teacher and mentor, cat yronwode, is given credit by me to have taught me this ‘rule’, now I am not quoting her specifically, but I do want her knowledge to be honored and respected. Here is the exact “rule” as I know it to be in hoodoo:

If you want to keep something at home or near you, bury it in the back yard.
If you want to hide the original spell, you place it in the crook of a tree.
If you want to bring in or attract something, bury it under the front step or nearby.
If you want to eliminate the influence of it, burn it.
If you want it to go far away or leave, throw it in moving water like a river.
If you want it to work secretly, place it in food or something they drink.
If you want to scatter it’s influence, place it at a crossroads.
If you want a spirit to ‘work’ it, you bury it at a grave in the cemetery
If you want to do ‘sneaky work’, place it in the persons’ home or clothing.
If you want the work to get stronger, throw it to the East.
If you want the work to lessen the person’s influence, throw it to the West.

You can rest easy knowing that you will not be sending her to Hell or wishing her to die, just burning off that particular persons’ influence on you, so that you will not have her nasty tongue wagging. To back up the poppet/doll burn, I would get a hold of a business card of theirs, write my spell or intention (like “shut the h*ll up about me, you hater”) and place it in a Tupperware full of water and put it in the freezer. This is a way to “freeze up” their tongue from talking about you. Hey, these days, you can’t go wrong in “double backing up” your spells!

Hope this helps! Keep us informed!


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